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Performance, over packaging.

Traditionally, beauty companies would have you believe that product packaging and performance are mutually exclusive - we're happy to say, they’re not. We take all the ingredients that cleanse and benefit your hair and body, and make them into concentrated bars. These solid-form bars do everything liquid hair and body products can do, while exceeding all your self-care goals.

Decisions have consequences.

Our commitment – in all aspects of our business, from product development to shipping, environmental impact is always top of mind. As consumers, our excessive “throw-away behavior” is a driving force behind the growing plastic epidemic. We support conscious purchasing – ask questions, know what you need and what you’re buying; both the product and how it got to you.


Ban the bottle.

Plastic waste is a big problem, and something as consumers, we need to start refusing! Did you know that only 9% of plastics are actually recycled, and that over 79% of plastics ever produced are accumulating in our landfills and waterways. In the US alone, more than 552 million shampoo bottles are estimated to end up in landfills annually. We're on a mission to prevent over 20 million plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans and waterways by 2025, to date, we've prevented over 1.5 million plastic bottles from having ever been manufactured (and we're just getting started!).