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Organic Exfoliating Bag

(organic hemp + cotton)

$10.00 USD

Made the switch from bottled, to bar soap? Amazing! Ready to ditch your run-of-the-mill plastic scrub brush, for good? Great! Wondering if there is a solution that keeps your bar fresh AND replaces your favorite scrub brush?! We're happy to say, there is!!! Commonly referred to as a "soap saver" bag, our organic exfoliating bag easily fits a full-size body bar, and is also great for smaller pieces so no product is ever wasted.

This two-sided bag is the perfect mix of gentle all-over cleansing (organic hemp French terry blend), and gentle all-over exfoliation (organic cotton mesh), making it the only all-over body washing accessory you'll need! If using bag with a full-size body bar, please hang to dry between uses, or remove the bar and place on a bar dish to extend life of the bar. And, it is also great for little hands learning to wash for themselves, and helps to reduce wasting product (put in 1-2 small pieces at a time!). Handmade with care, using only 100% organic materials, this beautiful (yet functional!) bag is also 100% compostable, should end of life occur. 

Made of 100% natural, organic hemp and cotton fibers
Hand-sewn with organic cotton thread
Double-sided, use mesh to exfoliate and French terry to cleanse
Hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin
Spacious 4.5" W x 5" L, fits full-size body bar, or left-over pieces
Great for kids of all ages to help control our slippery body bars

Compostable at end of life

Handmade with care, our organic exfoliating bags are composed of:

Hemp French Terry - 55% organic hemp and 45% organic cotton (OEKO - TEX 100 STANDARD certified)

Cotton Mesh - 100% organic cotton (OCS certified)

Thread - 100% organic cotton thread (GOTS certified)

Wood Stopper - American Oak

4.5" W x 5" L, features interior serged edges to prevent fraying and finished with a wood stopper. 

Exfoliating bags are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinking, and please wash before first use. Machine wash with warm water, with like colours and air dry. If end of life does occur, please compost!  If using bag with a full-size vegan soap bar, please hang to dry between uses, or remove the bar and place on a bar dish to extend longevity of the bar.