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Organic Delicates Bag (zero-waste)

(organic cotton)

$13.00 USD

Nothing goes to waste, with us! In the making of our "Organic Exfoliating Bags", long strips of material scrap are created, and we've been saving them up for the perfect secondary product... introducing our "Organic Delicates Bag", made entirely from scrap material. While all Delicates Bags have the same exterior dimensions, no two bags are alike! Featuring a fold over flap (like a pillow case!), eliminating the need for a plastic zipper, they keep smaller items secure and protected in the washing machine. Perfectly sized for smaller intimates (bra, underwear, etc.) or a weeks worth (or more!) of reusable bamboo rounds!

Convert your family, convert your friends, convert your co-workers: the perfect, zero-waste stocking stuffer for just about anyone on your list! Handmade with care, using only 100% organic materials, this beautiful (yet functional!) bag is also 100% compostable, should end of life occur. 

Each bag is unique, made entirely from scrap material!
Made of 100% natural & organic cotton fibers
Hand-sewn with organic cotton thread
Fold-over opening, no pesky plastic zippers!
Fits intimates or reusable rounds (7.5"W x 9"L) 

Handmade with care, our organic delicates bags are composed of:

Cotton Mesh - 100% organic cotton (OCS certified)

Thread - 100% organic cotton thread (GOTS certified)

7.5"W x 9"L (expect shrinkage after first wash) features interior serged edges to prevent fraying. 

Delicates bags are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinking. Place intimates (bra, underwear, etc.), or reusable rounds in bag and then place in washing machine. Lay flat/ hang to air dry. If end of life does occur, please compost!