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Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

(pack of 4)

$14.00 USD

Our reusable stainless steel drinking straws allow you to sip sustainably, by replacing single-use plastic straws. Plastic straws are in the top 10 most common types of marine litter globally as they are lightweight and small, which makes them difficult to recycle and a major threat to sea life and our ecosystems. Reusable stainless steel straws are the elegant, zero-waste answer to all those wasted plastic straws. Luxurious, chic and on-trend in rose gold/copper, gold and onyx, our straws won't rust, corrode, stain or break, and are dishwasher-safe. Take these with you on-the-go in their linen pouch for an Instagram-worthy sipping experience, everytime!

What's so great about reusable straws?

- Comes with 4 bent straws, cleaning brush and linen storage/travel pouch

- Crafted from #304 food grade stainless steel colour plated with rose gold/copper, gold or onyx

- Bonus cleaning brush included in every pack

- 6mm diameter is perfect for juices, smoothies, iced coffee and more

- Eco-friendly, zero-waste, non toxic and free of harmful chemicals found in plastic straws

- Dishwasher-safe

It is very easy to take care of your stainless steel drinking straws!

For very liquid drinks like water, juice, tea or soda just wash with hot soapy water and ensure fresh water runs through the straw when you rinse, or put them directly in the dishwasher, making sure they are standing upwards.

In case of a thicker drink, like a smoothy or pulpy juice, immerse the straw in hot soapy water and use the straw brush to clean inside the straw prior to rinsing. It’s best not to let thicker drinks dry within the straw and we advise you clean them promptly after use. If a thicker drink is allowed to dry within the straw, first soak the straw in hot soapy water to loosen dried on debris prior to cleaning with the straw brush.

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