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Organic Dish Cloth

(organic hemp + cotton)

$8.00 USD
Cleaning... some love it, and well, some don't.  Whatever your preference, our Organic Dish Cloth will quickly become a staple in your zero-waste cleaning routine. Double-sided to help clean up all life's messes, they are absorbent, super soft, and when needed, have amazing scrubbing power!

Our Organic Dish Cloths are approximately 8" x 8" square, making them easily manageable in your hands, but big enough for serious cleaning. Highly-absorbent 100% organic cotton terry is super soft, for delicate items, and combined with the scrubbing power of 100% organic hemp mesh, provides a little extra punch, for hard to clean messes. Use them as dish cloths, or general cleaning cloths all around the home! Sustainably-made from natural fibers with no additional colorants, and best of all, they're biodegradable: in years to come, throw them in the compost if disposal is necessary.

For care, cloths can be hand or machine washed, in cool water and hung or lay flat to dry. If machine dryer is used, some wrinkling/shrinking may occur.  

Hand-sewn with organic cotton thread
Made of 100% natural + organic cotton and hemp fibers
Double-sided to make clean-up a breeze (scrub + wipe)
Rounded corners to prevent fraying
Generous 8”x 8” size is ideal for general cleaning

Made with love, our cloths are made from:

Hemp Mesh - 100% organic hemp (OEKO - TEX 100 STANDARD certified)

Cotton Terry - 100% organic cotton (OEKO - TEX 100 STANDARD certified)

Thread - 100% organic cotton thread (GOTS certified)

8” x 8” square, featuring serged interior edges  and rounded corners for durability and to prevent fraying, and a ‘diagonal’ stitch to limit the two sides from slipping against each other.

Washcloths are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinking, and please wash before first use. Machine wash with cool water, with like colours and air dry.  If using a machine dryer, some wrinkling/shrinking may occur.  If end of life does occur, please compost!