Zero-Waste Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show the important women in your life some extra love and affection. This maybe includes a gift or two for your own mother. But, not any old gift will do for those of us who are eco-conscious... We get it, you're looking for gifts that will be appreciated by your mothers, while at the same time being gentle on Mother Earth. Here are some ideas for you to contemplate! 
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Tickets to an event

Check out what’s going on in your community and see if you can support the arts or a local sports team by purchasing your mom a tickets to an event! From concerts, to wine tastings, to home and garden shows, to art or fashion shows, to football games, or even horse shows, get creative and plan a fun day with your mom around an event she'll enjoy! To really make it special, make sure you get a ticket for yourself so you can join her. 

Wine and a candle

If your mom happens to like to indulge in a nice bottle of red or white, or even some bubbles, now is the time to splurge on a nice wine. Better yet, make sure you drink it together and afterward, you can turn your wine bottle into a beautiful candle together as a craft! Here are some great tutorials here and here


More often than not, moms are the ones behind the lens. I know I personally find I'm rarely in pics with my own family (unless my own mother is around to trade off with!). Why not get a glam squad over to pamper your mom, then have a photographer take some amazing photos of your mom with her loved ones. When you get the photos back, she can choose her favourites and you can have a beautiful photo book made that she can treasure for years to come. Our favourite photographer is Sue Moodie. She's the one responsible for over 90 percent of the product and lifestyle photography on our website and has done many beautiful photoshoots of my family over the years.

Pamper-worthy products

Moms tend to not make much time for themselves, amidst all their other responsibilities. Here at Unwrapped Life, we have a great selection of unique and eco-friendly products that your mom is sure to enjoy. In particular, our solid shampoo bars and hair conditioner bars are a hit with moms. My own mother is a hair bar fanatic and loves the Paris hair bars as well as our Bora Bora ones. Check out our Mother's Day sale for some more ideas!

Go thrifting

Seek out the higher end consignment stores in your area and treat your mom to a pre-loved clothes shopping spree (and lunch while you're out and about!). Some of these stores are chock full of hidden gems. Because the clothes and accessories are previously worn, this is a great eco-friendly and sustainable (not to mention, cost-effective) way to add some creative and beautiful pieces to your moms wardrobe. 

Plantable cards

As we've said before, we love cards, but can't get over how wasteful they are. An emerging trend that we love is greeting cards printed on plantable seed paper. This one from Etsy is so cute, and here is a list of a ton of other options. These cards would be a lovely way to show your mom you care, with the added bonus of being plantable. Some of the wildflowers that will come from these cards include Alyssum, Catchfly, Siberian Wallflower, Black-Eyed Susan and Baby Blue Eyes.

We hope this little guide gives you some fun and eco-friendly ideas for showing your mom how much you care. As an added tip: combine two or more of these ideas for an extra, extra special Mother's Day! 



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