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  • Plastic-free haircare, on a mission!

    Plastic-free haircare, on a mission!

    WORLD... MEET, "THE HEALER" So much plastic. We all know the stats… only about 9% of all generated plastics are recycled. That means that approximately 91% of plastics produced have either been incinerated (12%), generating toxic fumes, or, are accumulating on our earth (79%); polluting our waterways and endangering marginalized communities, disproportionally in the Global South. Unwrapped Life exists to create positive change...
  • The Case for Plastic-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

    The Case for Plastic-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

    While we pursue our mission of helping people reduce single-use plastics around the home year round, Plastic-Free July is a great time to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and discuss some small and simple solutions. We believe that making environmentally-friendly changes is a lot easier when people don’t have to make trade-offs or too many compromises, so we’ve designed our products, particularly our hair...