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Reusable Rounds: ditch disposables, for good!

Posted on by Unwrapped Life

We’ve heard it all… “but they’re compostable”,
“they’re just so easy”, “it’s hardly any waste”.

Hand lifting reusable round off of stack

Single-use cotton rounds, however seemingly inconsequential to climate change or plastic pollution, really add up in unnecessary waste. Let’s consider an average consumer, who uses 2-3 disposable rounds per day in their skin/personal care routines, that’s about 1,000 rounds in a year!  While a lot of rounds may be composted, they generally do not end up in the compost bin. AND, let’s not forget about the plastic bag/packaging that is difficult to, and quite often NOT, recycled. 

How does the old adage go “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”. Every small change can, and does, make a positive impact!

What is a “reusable round”?

Our reusable rounds, available in both natural and black, provide an easy “swap” from the traditional disposable cotton rounds. We use a blend or organic bamboo + cotton (both GOTS certified) to provide a soft, easy to use, facial round, great for removing; make-up, applying toner, and anything else you can throw at it! Available in a set of 5 (black) or 7 (natural), can provide up to a weeks’ worth of use before laundering.  Simply hand wash with mild detergent, or pop in the washing machine in a mesh bag and hang to dry.

How do reusable rounds make a difference?

If the average consumer uses 1,000/year that’s on average about 10-13 packages of disposable rounds per year. Now consider the waste of scarce resources (cotton uses a crazy amount of water to produce!) all for a simple round that will be used ONCE and then discarded. Psst… let’s not forget about the plastic packaging that will also exist on the Earth for about 400 years until it breaks down into microplastics. One set of reusable rounds can replace a year’s supply of disposable rounds, and last (depending on use), for many years to come.

Our “Unwrapped Life” community:

Over the last 12 months, YOU, our community have diverted over 4,600,000 disposable cotton rounds from landfill, by replacing them with organic reusable rounds!

Reusable Rounds: ditch disposables, for good!

Don’t believe us?! Checkout what our community has to say…

***** 5 STARS

How did I possibly live without this rounds - absolutely perfect for removing eye makeup... and no stains. The velour side is super soft, and the terry side is great as a face wash pad. Can't believe how much waste I was creating in my bathroom routine! - Laura

As we participate in the “Plastic Free July” challenge, we are reminded that even the smallest of changes helps. That if only choosing to replace your hair care, or body care, with a few simple swaps, significant positive changes are possible, and the Earth thanks you.

 Unwrapped Life, xo


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