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🎵 "It's the most wonderful time of year, there'll by much mistletoeing, and waste will be flowing..." 🎵 wait, that's how it goes, right?! The Holiday season is upon us and we're here for it... plastic-free that is. With so much excessive waste and plastic packaging thrown away at this time of year, we want to make gift-giving easy, and worry-free! In our three part series we'll be diving into brands we love, gift wrapping alternatives, and plastic-free gift ideas for everyone on your list! 

Here we go... PART 1: We're so excited to announce that we've partnered with three of our favorite plastic-free brands to bring you the perfect gift-giving options for everyone on your list... all in one place, here, on our site! 🍾

Join us as we introduce game-changing brands and the revolutionary products they have created (hello, plastic-free lipstick!) and spoiler alert... we've got total unicorn vibes goin' on 🦄.

Let's dive right in! 


World's 1st pivoting head safety razor.
To say we have fallen completely in love with these razors, is an understatement! Quality, durability, style, and of course, plastic-free, come together in Leaf Shave's version of the modern razor. Featuring a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every time. We're excited to have these beauties available for the Holidays in three show-stopping colors; black (matte finish), mercury (think gun metal), and prism (serious unicorn vibes!). 

Perfect for the "hard to buy for" person on your list, the sleek esthetic and undeniable durability, will surely win them over. 

Leaf Shave | Black, $112.50
Leaf Shave | Mercury, $112.50
Leaf Shave | Prism, $112.50
Leaf Shave | Blade Refill, $16.50 (pack of 50)



Multi-use makeup, minimal waste.
Plastic-free makeup, without the waste? Sign us up!! Axiology's signature zero-waste products are their award-winning "Balmies", which are available in an assortment of eye-catching shades. These 3-in-1 crayons are completely plastic-free, wrapped in recycled paper, and stored in boxes made from 100% recycled paper waste. Just tear the paper (like a Crayola crayon) and recycle or compost as you go. Balmies can be used for eyes, lips, cheeks, and anywhere really! We're excited to offer them in three single colors; Cherry (berry with warm undertones), Nude Plum (rose with a hint of plum), and Sorbet (pink with cool undertones). As well as a fun 3-pack called "Cotton Candy Skies" including an assortment of soft, rosy nudes to lighten the mood -- Champagne, Sorbet, and Rosé (3 of our favorite things, haha!). 

A must-have for the sustainable girly-girl on your list, who wants all the glamour, without all the plastic waste!

Axiology | Lid-to-Lip Balmie (Cherry), $18.00 
Axiology | Lid-to-Lip Balmie (Nude Plum), $18.00
Axiology | Lid-to-Lip Balmie (Sorbet), $18.00
Axiology | Lid-to-Lip Balmie Set (Cotton Candy Skies), $46.00



Good for the body, good for the planet. 
Why do we love Dom's Deodorant? It's simple. It's healthy, it's kind, and it works. They use gentle ingredients that allow the body to sweat naturally and remove toxins, without the need for harsh chemicals, like aluminum salts. Not only are they conscious about what goes into their products, they're also conscious about what their products go in to (speaking our language right here!) -- they recently launched a deodorant stick in paper packaging that produces zero-waste! And most importantly, their products ACTUALLY work. We were surprised to discover that with even one application daily, we stayed fresh through intense workouts, and even some good ol' stress sweat (be honest, we've all been there!). Find them on our site in four formulas; Black Pepper/ Lime (extra strength w/ baking soda, in a stick), Vanilla/ Mint (extra strength w/ baking soda, in a stick), Calm (rosemary & lavender, extra strength w/ baking soda, in a jar), and Clear (bergamot & geranium, regular strength w/out baking soda, in a jar). 

The perfect gift for everyone on your list, from the plastic-free warrior, to your bestfriend that "really needs to make the switch, but can never find the time". 

Deodorant Stick | Black Pepper/ Lime, $19.99 (w/ baking soda)
Deodorant Stick | Vanilla/ Mint, $19.99 (w/ baking soda)

Deodorant | Calm, $19.99 (w/ baking soda)
Deodorant Clear, $19.99 (w/ out baking soda)


From all of us at Unwrapped Life, we wish you joy, health, and happiness this Holiday season.  


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