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Bar is Better

Unwrapped Life Plastic-Free July "make the switch" blog post series: bar is better for a zero-waste lifestyle. 

With Plastic-Free July wrapped up (and almost 3.5 million participants around the globe who #chosetorefuse), we are feeling so motivated by the momentum of the movement towards reducing single-use plastics! 
There’s really no way to refute it: bar is better! Better for people and the planet. There is no need for bottled product for personal hygiene in like 99.9999% of the cases! 
Why? Here are a few of the top reasons!
Paying for water - the first ingredient in most bottled product is ‘water’! Which, in and of itself, is a very precious resource (we touched upon this here).
Carbon foot print - bars are lighter, more compact and more concentrated! Transporting solid shampoo bars and hair conditioner bars or bar soap and sea salt shave bars is much more energy efficient and carbon conserving!
Space - again, bars being concentrated with no water means they take up less space, in your shower, cupboard, suitcase, wherever!
Zero-waste - once you're done your bars, there's nothing to dispose of! And since we ship in recycled paper, you can toss the paper the bars come in into the compost or recycle it again!
Results - yes, you can get luxury results without buying products in fancy packaging! 
So here’s where we need your help! If you feel us that "bar is better", we want you to SHARE and spread the word, using the hashtag #barisbetter so we can get more people converted to using solid bars in place of bottled product! For every person that converts, we’re diverting super unnecessary plastic packaging from landfills and our oceans, or an already bogged-down recycling system! 
Thanks so much for joining us with our ‘make the switch’ series this Plastic-Free July. We hope these posts have inspired you to make some simple changes in your daily lives that will amount to big impacts for our planet and we look forward to gaining some traction with #barisbetter and inspiring more and more people to switch over to more sustainable options!
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