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Shave bars: close shave, canister-free!

Posted on by Unwrapped Life

Shaving cream really doesn’t need to come in a canister
or plastic bottle: you’ll see.

Shave Bars: close shave, canister-free!

 Are shaving canisters recyclable?

Simple answer, kind of.

Yes, empty aerosol canisters are recyclable in many municipal recycling programs within Canada and the US, but not all. However, the lid and any other plastic components are not and are recommended to be discarded in your waste… so landfill! As dependence on plastic packing has increased (cheaper to produce and ship) we’ve seen a rise in “shaving cream/gel”, packaged in plastic bottles. You could argue, “but, it’s recyclable”, but let’s face it, the truth about recycling is grim (only about 9% of plastics are recycled). 

So what’s the solution? Enter, SHAVE BARS!

Not a new or revolutionary product, we did not invent or create it. Shave bars existed LONG before creams and gels were pumped into plastic bottles or canisters.  The first documented “hard shaving soap” dates back to at least the 1840s. Our shave bars provide a rich creamy lather, by either lathering the bar in your hands, or using a shaving brush. The result, a close clean shave and soft supple skin… and can be used anywhere on your body. But best of all… absolutely NO waste!

How do shave bars make a difference?

First of all, there is no waste from unnecessary single-use packaging, so, easy win!  Secondly, they last a really long time, and they’re easy to travel with. ONE shave bar can replace at least 3 shaving cream canisters (if not more!). And to top it off, why just stop at shaving? The majority of our vegan body bars double as shaving, and head to toe cleansing bars. They’re powered with nourishing oils and sea salt (naturally antibacterial) leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

Our “Unwrapped Life” community:

Over the past 12 months, YOU, our community have diverted over 85,000 shaving cream canisters and/or body wash bottles from landfill, by replacing them with our solid vegan body + shave bars!!! 

Shave Bars: close shave, canister free!

Don’t believe us?! Checkout what our community has to say…

5 STARS *****
I absolutely LOVE #brunchgoals. I was using a traditional shave puck for my legs and could never get a close enough shave, plus I was getting ingrown hairs. This bar helped me get a super close shave, my skin feels extra soft, and no ingrown hairs! I will definitely be buying more of these...a long time down the road because the bar is pretty big and I have a feeling it's going to last quite a while. – Staci

5 STARS *****
So, I'll be honest, I didn't think this would work. I don't know why, but I thought it wouldn't live up to the shave gels that I've been using for years. I was so pleasantly surprised!! My legs have never felt softer, and I have no razor burn (big deal for me, I used to get it every single time I shaved). – Kayla

 Shave Bars: close shave, canister free!

As we participate in the “Plastic Free July” challenge, we are reminded that even the smallest of changes helps. That if only choosing to replace your hair care, or body care, with a few simple swaps, significant positive changes are possible, and the Earth thanks you.

Unwrapped Life, xo



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