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PLASTIC FREE JULY '21 | Partners in Plastic Prevention

Posted on by Unwrapped Life

This "Plastic Free July", let's #ShiftYourMindset.


It might be said that we get a bit too excited this time of year (ha, is that even possible? 🤣)... but what could be more exciting than over 300 million people coming together to refuse single-use plastic!

Plastic Free July® ("PFJ") is a global movement that empowers millions of people to be a part of the solution to plastic pollution, by "taking the challenge". The goal? Cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities; free from single-use plastic waste. What started as a small local movement in Australia 10+ years ago, has now grown to an estimated 326 million people, in 177 countries, across the globe.

This year we are honored to be a proud supporter of "Plastic Free July" by giving back through a donation to The Plastic Free Foundation, to further build awareness for the movement. Interested in participating but not sure how or where to start? Keep reading, we got you. 

PFJ isn't about replacing stuff with stuff, it can be simply making a commitment to refuse one particular type of single-use plastic for a day, week, the whole month, or forever! It's about identifying ways in which your daily life contributes to the plastic-waste problem and finding easy shifts in your mindset to make different, and hopefully lasting, changes. Need help identifying and seeking out pesky plastics in your life?

Take the "Pesky Plastics Quiz", CLICK HERE >>>

Ready for the challenge? Join millions of people that are ready to transition to a lifestyle with less plastic waste. To get started, choose one (or more!) single-use plastic item(s) that you are ready to ditch, click the link below and customize how it will best work for you -- no change is too small!



This year, we're mixing things up!  We've joined forces with two of our favorite plastic-free brands to help "shift your mindset", when it comes to your daily beauty routines. Our "Transitions Bundles" are designed to help you prevent common single-use plastic found in your bathroom once your current products are used up and need replacing. Don't forget, using what you already have is always the most sustainable option! 

Dom's Natural Deodorant

The search is over, we've found the PERFECT natural deodorant that stands up against everything from your most stressful moments, to your sweatiest workout. Their packaging is 100% plastic-free and reusable, using ONLY a bamboo lid and a glass jar. Their products are also free from aluminum and synthetic fragrances, and are vegan and cruelty-free. We selected two of their top-sellers: Calm (lavender-rosemary) and Clear a baking soda-free option (bergamot-geranium). Goes on smooth with no sticky residue (win #1), and is easily washed off with our sea salt body bars (win #2). Find them bundled up with our limited-edition bar dish in soft green, reusable rounds, and our Calm body/ shave bar, in our "TRANSITIONS | BODY" bundle.


Leaf Shave

A razor, and a shave, unmatched on the market, and best of all, it's 100% plastic-free. We are OBSESSED with the Leaf razor, and so much so that we wanted to be able to share it with all of you! Leaf Shave uses innovation to challenge the status quo, by re-building products that we use daily from the ground up, and trust us, they do it VERY well! Being the first, and World's ONLY, pivoting head safety razor is a pretty big accomplishment and to top it off, it's fully customizable as you can load up to 3 blades to find your perfect shave. Find the coveted "Leaf Razor" available in Silver (matte finish) bundled with our limited-edition bar dish in soft green, and our top-selling #brunchgoals shave/ body bar in our "TRANSITIONS | SHAVE" bundle. Channeling some serious unicorn magic with this one 🦄🦄🦄!


Unwrapped Life (that's us!)

No Unwrapped Life campaign would be complete without highlighting our multi-award-winning shampoo & conditioner hair bars, and what better way than bundled together with our matte gold travel tins and limited-edition bar dish in soft green.  Available in our "TRANSITIONS | HAIR" bundle with the option of one of our five Wildcrafted Travel Sets formulated for all different hair types, you'll be sure to find your favorite set.


Join us as we explore all different kinds of plastic-free options and how-to videos, during the most magical month of the year, Plastic Free July!

And, don't forget to join the challenge and share with us on Instagram >>> @unwrappedlife




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